President Message




The study of the nations and different religious entities will definitely suggest that in the community of the nations of the world the muslims possess the distinction that the first,important lesson which their Prophet (SAWS) imparted to them is that they should conduct the study of the universe and the natural phenomena with an unflinching faith in Allah and his attributes and on the strength of his support,knowledge about the creation,and keeping in view the dimensions of knowledge, apply the pen with unshakable belief in the fact that the source of total human knowledge is only Allah,the Lord of the universe.

With a view to get the important books on science,medicine and literature translated into the Arabic language,the Caliph Haroon al Rashid,a noted Abbasid Caliph,established an epoch-making institute called Baitul hi Km at. This institute,the only one of its kind throughout the world at that time,lent Baghdad,the capital of Abbasid caliphate,an enviable position through the world.The books translated into Arabic specially included the following areas: natural sciences, botany, zoology, mineralogy, astronomy, mathematics, algebra and medical sciences.Innumerable Muslims experts emerged in those fields of knowledge and won credence from the world.

Towards achieving this aim the Jamiat-u-Shababil Islam is going to make a start by establishing Dr. S.Abdul Ali Tibbiya College and Hospital.The institution is named after a person who possessed the excellent qualities of both the traditional and the modern learning and medical sciences. Himself a doctor,S.Abdul Ali was well grounded in important fields of the Islamic learning.Naming the institution after this prosperous is not just for the sake of blessing, rather, the institution desires to model its staff and students after his character and erudition as he offered a highly desirable model.

These high and noble aims in mind, the institution is being started.Allah subhanahu wa ta 'la is asked to help it and remove the obstacles and odds it is facing now and might face in the future.

(Dr. Abdul Ali Tibbiya College & Hospital)